$50 Per Seat

All Scheduled Tours


Daybreak Tour

Just as the name implies, this tour starts at first light. It travels on a relatively unencumbered route into some of the most beautiful desert canyons this side of Sedona with tall, colorful mountains, Saguaro forests and running streams.


Sunset Tour

The Sunset Tour starts 1 hour and 15 minutes before sunset. The tour winds its way through the desert starting on the South side of the Superstition Mountains, not far from Gold Canyon, and travels up a steep and rocky climb, gaining roughly 800 feet in elevation, to the top of a solid rock promontory overlooking the entire metropolitan valley.

Starlight Tour

The Starlight Tour is a casual desert crawl into the Superstition Mountains North of Queen Valley starting at 9pm and lasting about 3 hours. Traveling through these canyons in the cool night air gives passengers a sense of peace and calm.

** Currently only available as a Custom Tour Option

Please contact us for full details.


The first, the original, Superstition Mountain and Sonoran Desert tours utilizing military HMMWV vehicles. These vehicles have been purchased from military bases in California, Texas and Louisiana after service with the USMC and Army Tank Attachments.

HMMWVs first saw service in 1984 and are still proving their superlative capabilities in countries and theaters of conflict around the world. They are capable of 60-degree vertical climbs, 40-degree traverse travel, deep water fording and extended travel, even on flat tires.

Although the military HMMWVs we operate were once troop carriers owned by Uncle Sam they have been slightly modified to carry civilians more comfortably with cushy-padded seating, lap belts and a well-stocked ice chest.

True Humvee Tours caters to the explorer as well as the adventurer in every individual with customizable tours, outings and expeditions. We offer scheduled tours running 2 to 3 hours and we offer them seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We can accommodate up to 24 passengers with a 3-passenger minimum, depending on how many seats are available at any given time. Each HMMWV can accommodate 8 passengers.

We will also schedule tours in other locations and for different durations carrying passengers and equipment for whatever mission. We will plan to meet at your loading area at the time specified. One of the things we cannot do is load up and drive passengers down the highway in the back of a military HMMWV. Our insurance won’t permit it.

If passengers would like a meal or snack on the regularly scheduled tours or would like to arrange something more elaborate, please contact us through email and we can work out the details.

Our vision of service is to take our passengers as far out as they want to go and let them get their fill of the great outdoors. Whether it’s a short, smooth “walk in the park” or an expedition into areas where cell phone signals are long gone and there’s no way you’ll make it back the same day, we’re here to help make your adventure happen.