Desert Humvee Tours

Abandoned Strip Mine

The most rugged and thrilling of our standard tours, it starts with a cruise through peaceful state lease land with cattle grazing, in season, and lots of rabbits, quail, squirrels and other desert critters. The variety of cacti and other indigenous plant life is abundant along this route.

Once we reach the abandoned mine, your HumVee will make an abrupt left-hand turn and climb a steep and rocky hillside, climbing almost 800 feet in elevation. Our turn-around point will be overlooking the entire east-valley and other cities to the south. The morning sun provides spectacular views of the valley below.

Not for the faint of heart, this climb is rough, bumpy and very steep, but the rewards of the mountain-top view are worth the effort. All tours run 2-3 hours.


Elephant Butte

Elephant Butte is the smoothest of our three standard tours and has the most water, affording the most generous opportunities to see Arizona desert critters in daylight. Like the Apache Land Drive and Abandoned Mine tours, Elephant Butte runs through State lease land and relatively few other travelers are spotted there.

This tour is the smoothest of the three offered but that doesn’t mean it’s not a little rough at times. Still, this canyon is narrow and has some interesting rock formations along with the desert flora and fauna. All tours run 2-3 hours.


Box Canyon

Our newest tour starts near Florence on Diversion Dam Road.  Now you can tour the Box Canyon in the comfort of a True HumVee.

This adventure does not have have precipitous climbs or even rough terrain, but offers a unique visual experience through one of Central Arizona's most popular off roading destinations.

This tour has a four person minimum and participants should call for departure instructions as this tour does not originate at our headquarters.

All tours run 2-3 hours.


Custom Tours

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