About True Humvee Tours

Arizona Community Railroad, DBA True Humvee Tours, is a charitable corporation determined unconditionally tax-exempt by the U.S. IRS and was organized as a 501(c)(4) entity. Its purpose is to earn money for local charities, municipalities and other worthy causes. Among our target recipients are, CAHRA, United Way, Law Enforcement Agencies, and others. True Humvee Tours is in the process of accumulating capital for future projects while working to improve and enrich the communities within its service areas.

Arizona Community Railroad does not seek donations and cannot provide tax deductions for them. Furthermore, Arizona Community Railroad does not contribute to or endorse any political efforts, agendas or participants.

Booking seats with True Humvee Tours is not only affordable and exciting, it’s a truly rewarding way to help people in need and invest in our communities.

The motto of Arizona Community Railroad is mirrored in True Humvee Tours:

We’re more than a charity, we are community!

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is helping promote the well-being and growth of our target communities by providing earning potential through tourism dollars and job creation, in addition to donations focused on the needs of schools, municipal departments and charitable organizations in harmony with our goals.